• Control your car in emergency situations:
    • if a tyre blows, do NOT slam brakes; control your steering wheel, steer right ahead and slowly stop
    • if a rearwheel skid happens, do NOT slam brakes: turn your steering wheel in the direction of the skid, as the car straightens out, straighten the front wheels also
    • if the accelaration pedal jams, turn off ignition and brake to a stop, leaving your car in gear !
  • In case of misbehaviour of other road users: warn with horn and with flashlights, pull to the right as far as possible
  • If you have a breakdown:
    • get your car off the road
    • flash the amber direction indicators
    • place the red reflecting triangle 50 meters before your car
  • Accidents:
    • if there is no help: give first aid
    • if there is help available: pass slowly and follow indications of police
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