Find the ride hailing or sharing service that is best for you as a driver!


Coming soon: ridesharing service to make it easy for young people who hate Trotro but cannot afford Bolt or Uber.


The average monthly earnings of a Bolt driver in Accra are 4000 Ghana cedi. Clients pay you in cash or via Bolt. They pay out to your bank account every week. From the final price per order, Bolt charges an average of 15% commission. They can help you match with their partner fleets or rental companies who offer competitive rates on vehicles that are accepted on their platform.


With the Driva loyalty scheme points you can turn your performances into bonus income by accumulating rewards points and redeeming them against cash, home gifts, travel etc. The more rides you complete and perform to achieve customer satisfaction as a driver, the more points you will earn thus more rewards. Extras are a company uniform and ID provided upon registration and initial training, supervisory positions for those who carry out the best professional drives and monthly cash rewards.


Dropping is free to register and charges no commissions on drivers earnings. Dropping will take only 1 Ghana cedi from drivers per each ride irrespective of the value of the ride. All monies are paid directly to drivers by passengers.


Dropyn is wholly Ghanaian owned. It actually provides the cars for the drivers, the arrangement is a work and pay kind of contract. This essentially means the drivers get to keep the Dropyn cars after they have completed 2-years of full payment. The service has a rewarding scheme for drivers and riders. Also, Dropyn has a loyalty point reward system. With this system, drivers and riders would get to build their loyalty points and receive cash rewards if they refer others to come and join.


Enshika is strongly incentivizing its drivers with some powerful features including getting Fuel on Credit at select fuel stations, an option to buy a Daily or Weekly pass and get 100% revenue during the Pass period and vehicle insurance for drivers which will be partly paid for by Enshika.


InDriver allows riders to propose fares for their trips (based on pre-approved rates) after which a nearby driver can accept, reject or respond with a counteroffer. With the ability of drivers to determine fares, it means they can also view destinations which many drivers have cited as important. InDriver is reported to take driver commissions of about 5% to 8%. It is a five-year-old Russian ride-hailing service, already launched in Tanzania and Kenya and now expanding to Ghana.


Lyft will be launching their ride hailing services in Ghana soon.


A typical Uber driver makes 30 hours per week. We estimate that the average trip for a driver yields 16 Ghana cedi. Since drivers usually complete two full trips per hour, this adds up to an hourly earning total of 32 cedi, making the total per week going up to 1000 cedi. Uber charges 25% commission. And the driver is responsible for all expenses.


Yango is different from other platforms because of the effectiveness of getting orders to drivers and at the same time providing very cheap fares for riders. They have their own in-house technologies for maps, navigation systems, smart AI distributors. Yango is Ghanaian owned. Commission is 0%. You get bonus payments on top of your regular earnings.


Yenko's app has been downloaded over 10.000 times with 800 drivers in its network. Yenko Taxi changes the way people get around in Ghana. By bringing technology to the taxi experience, Yenko makes it easier and safer to ride a taxi at your own convenience. The app is available in Android and IOS stores.


Launched in 2017 in Ghana, Uru was the first nationwide online transportation service in a Western African country. Uru is a smartphone-app based taxi booking service which connects users who need to get somewhere with drivers willing to give them a ride.