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Ways to avoid an automotive accident

Sitting in stop and go traffic due to an accident not only significantly reduces the miles per gallon of gas vehicles, but it also increases their overall emissions output. To help from becoming a part of this equation, here are 5 tips to help avoid the possibility of an auto accident.

Driving too slowly in the "fast lane" is a major cause of others road rage!

"Move to the RIGHT for sirens and lights! (except left side of road countries where you should move to the LEFT)" If you see an emergency vehicle approaching from behind you with lights flashing and siren sounding, move your vehicle to the right, apply your brakes slowly and steadily and be prepared to come to a complete stop. Once all emergency vehicles (there may be more than one) have passed you, return to normal driving.

Install software onto your phone that automatically starts when your car starts, and that answers your cell phone calls and texts with a message that you are driving and will get back to that person when it is safe to do so.

Always wear a seatbelt. If you have other people -or pets- with you in the car make sure everyone has a belt on and the animal is safe. Keep it in back not on the front seat.

One in ten have slight to severe hearing problems. One in hundreds are deaf. Don't assume that your acoustic signals are heard.

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