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Car tyres now used to slow traffic down

Unbelievable, car tyres are now used for signage to slow traffic down on the bush road.

How possible. Sometimes you wonder why this is happening in our country. Is it because Ghanaians are so very peaceful and won't talk??. Now, we have to break our silence. Silence causes poverty as people take you for granted. I took this picture on my way home this evening. In the process of warning and alerting road users of the construction of ramps, motorist could be given enough notices of the ramps being constructed.

Secondly the law states clearly that reflective materials must be used to warn motorist of any further road construction ahead. Just imaging what will be the outcome this evening when black car tyres has been used on a black road. Definitely black people wearing black clothes will be knocked down. Does it mean there are no safety measures considered during road construction.

Wake up and let's talk about it before there will be another crash. Obviously, drivers will not see these newly constructed ramps as black tyres are used as road signs. God, save us from such calamity.

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