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Driving in the cities is now much more complex and dangerous as ever. Drivers have become lawless, reckless and recalcitrant. Yes, we always turn to blame the trotro and taxi drivers, but now, the well educated persons are doing it. Indiscipline drivers cause traffic jams. Such drivers are unsafe drivers. The most common of such drivers has been drivers of 4x4 and SUV’s.

For instance, on the spintex road in the morning and evenings, they drive in the middle of the two lane road with their hazard lights constantly on. Are they ministers or MP’s? If even they are, no one is above the law. The traffic situation is now serious. As schools have reopened the traffic has become much more serious. Road construction is taken for ever. Do we have enough and access roads. How do we solve such a problem? Do we employ more policemen as vehicle population is on the increase by about 10% per anum. Don’t you think if well managed, proceeds from traffic offences can build better roads? Watch out for my articles in the Daily Graphic newspapers

RE: In the city
16/11/11 13:45 as a reply to Cecil Garbrah.
Cecil, I perfectly agree with you! it takes pray, faith and grace to arrive alive! I think that you(as an expert) need to create a 'SAFE DRIVE' network on FBK and point out the Damage and Great Disservice that our recklessness, arrogance and care-free attituted of 'we' the 'so called' elite (Ministers, MP's, CEO's, Managers, Doctors,Engineers, Consultants,Bankers,Lawyers, Judges and hmmm the POLICE.... etc etc) who drive the 4WD's & SUV's are causing to the driving culture of this society! I don't suppose that we need the Dr. Asare's to do a psycho-analysis of driving in Ghana for us to know that we have been infected by the Willfully Acquired Recklessness Driving Syndrome (WARDS).

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